The wide surroundings of la Bianchina


San Vito in Monte used to be a spa. The wells, source of iron-bearing water, can still be visited.


San Venanzo's town hall is located in the newly restored villa Faina in the middle of the park. If you want to learn everything about San Venanzo's volcano, you can visit it's volcano museum. The marked route around the volcano is worth the walk. The town also has a small cosy community pool with fresh soft water directly drained from the mountain.


Very nice if you drive somewhere, is that it is never required to take a highway. You can really come everywhere through the minor roads. On these small roads it is wonderful cycling if you have a mountain derailleur. For mountain bikers there are special routes plotted. You can also create beautiful rides with the motor. For example there is between Orvieto and Marsciano the thousand bends way, famed under the Italian motorcyclists. They come from all over Italy to 'hang' in these bends.


In Collelungo, a place in our neighbourhood, they are restoring a very special wine cellar. Of this type are only three available in Europe.


Marsciano, a larger village half an hour drive away, has market every Monday morning. Delicious cheeses are its main attraction.


La Scarzuola is approximately a 20 minutes drive away and is a monastery. It was founded in 1218 by Francis of Assisi and purchased in the fifties by Tomaso Buzzi, an Italian architect who has created his dream city there. Besides organized tours (about two hours) there are regular outdoor performances, something this place lends itself for perfectly.


Monte Castello di Vibio is a beautifully restored village, with the smallest theatre in the world: Teatro la Concordia. There are regular performances here.


And then there are the major tourist attractions such as the cathedral of Orvieto, the galleries and the fountain of Perugia, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, destroyed by the earthquake of 1997, but now restored to its former state.


Do you like music? Than Umbria has a lot to offer. The many Borghi around organize the music festival Musica per i Borghi every summer. There is also the Lago Trassimeno Blues Festival, the famous Perugia Jazz Festival and the Orvieto Winter Jazz Festival.


Do you like treats, then there are plenty of places to find where you will lick your fingers when eating. In this area are black truffles, wild boar, homemade pasta and torta al testo an absolute must.


If you suddenly feel the need for a day at the beach or a day high in the mountains, then we can assign you a beautiful route that brings you there in two and a half hours without even having seen a highway.