Picking olives


Every year around November the olives are ripe and is the feast of the harvest to begin.


This year, 2015, it is expected that the pluck starts on the half of November tille the beginning of December.


You can, alone or with a group, witness this wonderful event and assist in picking the olives, followed by a visit to the frantoia, the place where the olives will be pressed. Here you can follow the entire process of pressing the olives and enjoy the result of picking and pressing at a fireplace together with a bruschetta. This is in the fireplace toasted bread from Umbria rubbed with garlic and topped with the just pressed oil.


Also, you enjoy each day at both lunch and dinner from a traditional Italian meal. A special Italian cook is present every day to let you enjoy the Italian cuisine.


For the participation you only pay the trip and half of the rental of a room from 15 euro per person per day for a shared room.


The costs of breakfast, the Italian lunch and dinner are for the account of la Bianchina. Obviously you need to work in the olive grove during the day, but we can guarantee you that it is a great experience.


If you do not want to work one day, but explore the surroundings or do something else, that can too. You than will pay the normal rent price of the room (from 30 euro per person) and you can choose whether you want to participate in the custom payment for the meals.