Nazzaro Maggi


Is the Italian host and cook of la Bianchina. He has ended up in Umbria accidentally about 30 years ago. Without money, but with a lot of energy, he started to restore la Bianchina with materials he found in and around the house or in the environment. To survive he had sheep and made cheese. In these years he has taught in various areas to do much with little. He would like to share this knowledge with others.


Nazzaro cooks already according the guidelines of Slow Food, long before they existed. He cooks vegetarian for us, but for a small extra price, he also wants to put meat on the menu.

Nazzaro also gives the workshop Cooking on the woodstove outside and guided the men's retreat.


Some comments from our guests about the cook of La Bianchina:


Thanks for all the good care and super tasty food, it felt like a warm bath.


..... and the delicious meals of Nazzaro, have contributed to come a little closer to yourself!


Enjoyed a lot of things, like the meals Nazzaro, ....


You can experience here the life in the country and with the nature and enjoy the delicious meals of Nazzaro.