Jolanda van Dijk

Jolanda took the challenge to leave the Netherlands in 2000 and to settle on la Bianchina. She is studying the possibility to grow plants and trees in a natural way. She takes care of the vegetable garden with wild plants and herbs.

In June 2014, she graduated from the four-year course holistic counselor at the Laughing Trees College in Italy with her thesis Chaos Cosmos, whose subject is how we can let go our dualistic thinking and again may come in contact with the cosmic energies. In addition, she studies since 2010 Nonviolent communication with Marianne Göthlin and Jorge Rubio Vollert students from Marshall B. Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication. 

Jolanda is originally actress, director and theater teacher. In her theater she worked from the interaction between music, voice, movement and image. This interaction she uses in her training.
Jolanda has worked with the Roy Hart Theatre, Odin Teatret, Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, Ida Kelerova and the Como Brothers. She also began in 1979 with T'ai Chi in Franklin Lafour and has studied the spontaneous movement by Dr. Chen.

More than 10 years now I live in La Bianchina. Life in nature is a great learning experience for me. I have learned in these years, to work with the forces of nature, to ground myself, to make my energy flow and to be in contact with the cosmos. I also learned to enjoy everything that happens around me and to be connected with nature and others, I first have to listen to myself.

My work is based on a playful approach to these experiences and I combine them with a natural physical consciousness, breath,  voice,  silence and music. I approach people on a personal and intuitive way.

My training began in the theater, where I mainly worked with body language, dance and vocal expression. These experiences and life in nature I bring together and immerse them in my work as holistic counselor, as accompanist of the retreats and the intensive training of nonviolent communication.

You can follow in la Bianchina by Jolanda next single or weekly sessions, an intensive holistic counseling and coaching retreat from 5 to 10 days. In addition, she guided the woman retreat Coming home to yourself and individual retreat Time Out, the six-day walking and mindfulness retreats Live Your Nature and the six-day walk in silence retreat The Music of Silence. For families who want to develop a better communication within the family she organizes a special Live Your Nature for families.


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