How we live here


La Bianchina lies at five hundred meters altitude on the top of a foothill of Monte Peglia. The view to is phenomenal and unique. The Podere boasts fifteen acres. These are planted with various fruit trees and two hundred, mostly ancient, olive trees.


We aim to live autonomously from our own land as much as possible. We press traditional olive oil and make jams and other preserves, we maintain a kitchen garden, have our own well and bake our own bread. We are starting to produce our own cheese. As la Bianchina has no grapes we annually help our neighbors make their delicious wine.


We collect the wood we chop in the process of maintaining our trees. This wood is all we use for heating and cooking. We bake bread and pizzas in an original wood oven and in the summer we cook outside on a wood stove. Our food thus has an unique flavor.


La Bianchina is built on limestone, ideal for many herbs. In the wild we find lavender, rosemary, hyssop, St John’s worth, calendula, mullein, borage, fennel and poppy. We collect these for use in oils, tinctures and creams. We also dry them for our various tea mixes.


All of these products are for sale. The products do not necessarily conform to any public standard but we wish to emphasize that all our products are biologic or biodynamic, and are grown and manufactured with the utmost respect for nature, using where possible wild herbs grown on our land.