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Carissimi, we're all home, the road was busy, but everything went well. We are all glad we had spent this unforgettable days with you. Thanks again for your hospitality, kindness and above all the rest that peace you are able to create.


You often see nice pictures of resorts but when you finally arrive at the place it is very disappointing. La Bianchina is the opposite, it is even much nicer!


ciao Carissimi, there is already one week passed and everything is here as usual as if nothing happened. And yet we have a different part of the world discovered. The serenity of your place comes inside your heart and head as a lovely island that you can mark on the map of your personal journey. Thanks again for who you are and what you do.


Mom when we come back here?


It was very special and memorable to be for a few days in such beautiful surroundings. We felt very welcome! Thanks for all the super good care and good food, it felt like a warm bath. Even the dogs we missed at the end ....


Only to be here, fills your heart ...


I'm impressed by your beautiful paradise and all your love for each other, the animals and the nature.


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