Our aim is that la Bianchina develops herself as much as possible out of the general financial logic, to move away more and more of the commercial payment system. That’s why the courses are on a donation basis.


Based on a target, which estimates the real cost of a course, each guest can choose how much he or she are willing to pay. This is primarily for the purpose, that even people who have not sufficient financial means can have access to our courses.


This is an experiment, and we hope that those who have enough money, are willing to give more than the real cost of their stay here, in order to pay the financial gaps that are created by a few other guests. In this way, those who have recognized the benefits of the course and gives a donation at their discretion, share these benefits with others.

Such donations are intended solely for the preservation and development of this place.

There are no wealthy foundation or individual sponsoring.

Every donation, whether large or small, should be given with the intention to guarantee the continued existence of La Bianchina.


We hope to give you a warm welcome in La Bianchina,


Nazzaro, Jolanda, Franklin e Gianvittorio