The direct surroundings of la Bianchina


The window panes of la Bianchina change of color and light throughout the day. From here you will see a beautiful vista which each painting, how handsome also painted, cannot compete. It is therefore difficult to get enough of it. But it is sin to spend your entire day inside, because there is much to see outside.


Around the house is 15 acres of own land. In addition to various kinds of fruit trees, the land contains some two hundred, centuries-old olive trees. Therefore you have all the space to create your own place where you can read your book or you can create a painting or just enjoy the view.


But you can also do plenty of games with your children or delicious adventurous walks and bicycle tours. Perhaps then a surprising encounter with a wild boar, deer, fox or birds of prey.


Afterwards, you can relax and take a picnic at one of the many, beautiful water streams, although these are often not so easy to achieve.


There are also signposted tours for MTB and walkers (see, for example, Walking in Umbria by Ineke Lindijer & Giuseppe Bambini) or tours with a local guide (additional fee). See the movie on this website.