Cooking with Nazzaro


Cooking with Nazzaro is outside cooking on the wood stove, pluck the ingredients around you and then... eat them. This you can expect, but there is more if you want to save money and in the same time be environmentally friendly.


Your Italian host is Nazzaro Maggi. Thirty years ago he started to save la Bianchina. During these years he has become an expert in life with what there is. So he also cooks, what gives a delicious result. Nazzaro already cooked according to the guidelines of Slow Food long before this organization existed.


The length of the workshop including lunch or dinner is 4 to 5 hours


The workshop including lunch or dinner is about 4 to 5 hours
It is also possible to create your own group,  minimum 2 persons.

Some comments from our guests about the cook of La Bianchina:


Thanks for all the good care and super tasty food, it felt like a warm bath.


..... and the delicious meals of Nazzaro, have contributed to come a little closer to yourself!


Enjoyed a lot of things, like the meals Nazzaro, ....

You can experience here the life in the country and with the nature and enjoy the delicious meals of Nazzaro.


It's possible to combine the workshop with a B&B in La Bianchina if you want to see more of Umbrian.


To make an appointment please email us or call (0039 )333 126 32 76


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Thanks in advance andI hope to give you a welcome in La Bianchina,