About us


Nazzaro Maggi


Nazzaro has ended up in Umbria accidentally about 30 years ago. Without money, but with a lot of energy, he started to restore la Bianchina with materials he found in and around the house or in the environment. To survive he had sheep and made cheese. In these years he has taught in various areas to do much with little.


He would like to share this knowledge with others.


Jolanda van Dijk



Jolanda took the challenge to leave the Netherlands in 2000 and to settle on la Bianchina. She majored in natural farming on a small scale and began an extensive vegetable garden with plants and wild herbs. Since 2010 she follows the training to holistic consultant at the Laughing Trees College.


 She is originally actress, director and theater teacher. In her theater she worked from the interaction between music, voice, movement and image. This interaction she uses in her training. Jolanda has worked with the Roy Hart Theatre, Odin Teatret, Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles and Ida Kelerova. She also began in 1979 with T'ai Chi in Franklin Lafour and has studied the spontaneous movement by Dr. Chen. Jolanda approaching people on a personal and intuitive way.


Together they take care of their centuries-old olive grove on the old fashioned way.


Other residents of la Bianchina

Beside that la Bianchina is housing countless animals in the wild, lives here the horse Mora, four donkeys, Dorrie the mother of Mustafa who’s born 5th of October and Chakira, the mother of Benjamino who’s born 14th November, two dogs, Vesna and Ali, four cats, Miral, Charlot, Leonida and Nora and ten sheep. They also enjoy plenty of peace and all the goodies from our environment.


General information


We want to remind you that the various possibilities for a stay in la Bianchina never are simultaneously. So anyone can feel here at his convenience.


La Bianchina is an environmentally friendly farm and we ask you there during your stay be reckoned with.


In la Bianchina we speak Italian, Dutch, English and some German.


we hope to give you a welcome in La Bianchina,


Jolanda van Dijk and Nazzaro Maggi