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LIVE YOUR NATURE; six days walking and crossing the thick woods of Umbria, full of adventures and mindfulness holistic experiences.


THE MUSIC OF SILENCE; six days walking in silence with Natural meditation and Qi Gong exercises.


LIVE YOUR NATURE for families, for a better communication within the family. Throughout the year by appointment.


Individual COACHING and HOLISTIC COUNSELLING in and with nature is for anyone who wants a new direction in his or her life, seeks the answers to certain questions, will release useless habits such as stress, anxiety, depression, burnout or relationship problems, wants to stay in contact with his or her own feelings and intuition, wants to listen to his or her inner voice and there for to give himself or herself a week to give this transformation the opportunity to manifest itself. The nature is of inestimable value in this process. Period: all year round by appointment.


HEALING WITHOUT MEDICINES; special course in natural medicine and spiritual healing. One way to better cope with illness, led by Franklin D. Lafour, natural and spiritual healer.
This meeting can be the beginning of a healing process. For the next date, please contact us.


We hope to meet you at the la Bianchina,


Nazzaro and Jolanda.