Workshop of Conctat


with Sirka Capone Master Reiki and Holistic Assistant


August 16-18

Get in touch with ourselves, the environment and the other people improving the perception of our energies in constant interaction with what surrounds us.

In this workshop we join hands and make a journey to discover an authentic and natural spontaneous contact with our body and the natural surroundings and our travel companions; respiration, movement, vocal harmonization, contemplation, we free energy and learn to channel it through our hands. We learn to massage ourself and massage the body and the energy field of each, with deep attention.

Gymnastics for balance energy, channeling energy, basic elements of massage, use of crystals and application of flower essences in the treated areas.

Seminar conducted by Sirka Capone, Reiki Master and Holistic Assistant, in collaboration with Jolanda van Dijk, Coach of Nature.


We begin FRIDAY – August 16-18


GET IN TOUCH: Bianchina offers an opening of eyes and breathing at 360 °: we feel for the place and we begin this journey to expand "the horizons" inside and outside of our lives, working until sunset.

Saturday, August 17
AWAKEN THE PERCEPTION: from dawn to dusk, with a long pause, rest after lunch, we contact the deepest part of us bringing it to light and open ourselves to give and receive with greater awareness.

Sunday, August 18
TAKE CARE: our hands are bridges of light that express the language of the heart. We investigate what gives us pleasure and how to give pleasure and relief to another person; massage techniques and self-massage.
Closing after lunch with the “Circle of Strength”


The meals are vegetarian and will be prepared according to the principle of Slow Food.


The price for this week and weekend is on a donation basis.


You have to take care of your own insurance.


We like to help to bring people in contact when they are open to travel together.


You can come earlier or stay longer if you want to see more of Umbrian or just to be here in la Bianchina.

Chance of reaching the 15 of August for lunch possibility of receiving a massage of energy balance than an hour with Sirka or counseling with Jolanda.


Do you want to share this information with those who may be interested?


Thanks in advance and we hope to give you a welcome in La Bianchina,


Sirka, Jolanda en Nazzaro